What Do Teachers Think About We Love to Write Wordshops?


Here are a few quotes from thank you notes:

Mountain Brook Junior High, Mountain Brook, Alabama

"Your talk was most informative and answered so many questions our students have about writing as a career and how to successfully seek publication. You were most kind to share your talents and expertise and to leave us with so many pamphlets and resources to refer to as the semester progresses."

Briarwood School, Birmingham, Alabama

"I've rarely seen talent like yours for motivating children to write! We heard many positive comments from students, teachers, and moms about your particular workshop. We hope you will join us again in the future."

Briarwood School, Birmingham, Alabama

"You are very skilled at breaking down the story-writing process into understandable steps."

Ensley Elementary School, Pensacola, Florida

"Thank you so much for bringing writing "to life." The students enjoyed your presentation so much. It was great to have a known author come share."

Mountain Brook Writers' Festival, Mountain Brook, Alabama

"Your presentations were fantastic and motivated many of our students to write more."

Oak Mountain Elementary, Hoover, Alabama

"Thanks once again--as always--for a wonderful program for all our grades. Each grade level commented about how appropriate their session was with you. They heard the lessons you offered!"

Kermit Johnson Elementary, Pinson, Alabama

"Thank you so much for being part of our special day. I do hope you'll joins us again next year. I received many compliments on your presentation."

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